So pretty Zack

Change of Ownership

Hey ya'll. Stevie didn't really want Zack anymore and since we wuves Zack, I'm taking him over! So now you can come to me at OaktnOtter for Zack, Judd, Mikey, Ron and Ernie.


(no subject)

Ok so shadow is back... not that i care Ruddy cat leaves again im strapping a bell too its blooming neck Seems like everything is back to normal, but i get this feeling Judd is suddenly uncomfortable with me. I wonder what i did wrong, i was nice about the whole thing? where did i go wrong? was it something i said? oh well, it will all make sense eventually right?
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QUIDDITCH... Hufflestyle

Alright mates, seeing as i am the captain and such ^^
We got the field on thursdays and i know we are having Seeker tryouts.
Anyone interested please see me! All applicants will be considered.
Good luck to all those who are interested.
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Plead for help

If anyone sees a White Cat, goes by the name of Shadow.
Please return him to Hufflepuff tower, maybe traveling with a small dog, bring dog aswell.
Dont piss off the cat he wont come back then, rather bitter that guy.
Anywho... hes mine, i want him back...
not that i like the furball or anything... cause i dont.. but... yea...
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Memory fades away

(no subject)

Dance was a lot of fun, i had a great time with Justin. My step-mum owled me, my dad is in St. Mungos.. nasty accident at work, should be ok, but i think the next time someone transfigures themself into a jack in the box be sure not to be holding anything sharp.

So.... yea I havent really seen Justin since the dance, i hope he isnt avoiding me... that would be awful

Hey Memphis how do you like Hogwarts so far???
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So pretty Zack

Thoughts of a young wizard

I had a much better day today then yesterday. Seems like some of us who felt so alone, really arent in the grand scheme of things. And fancy that i have a date to the dance. Things are looking bright in that department.

Hannah, you left your books on Ernies bed and i am sorry to say shadow kinda scratched up the herbology book, pretty good. You can have mine if youd like... ill take the torn one.

Ernie when are we going to hang out? Seems like all of this Hannah time might have gotten you soft, time to chill with your boys. even though some of us are more girly then hannah..

anyhow... thats life at the moment.

~Later Days
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So pretty Zack

Like a blister in the sun

So seems my wit, charm, and grace has won over another.. yea sarcasm much? Seemed like everything was going well. Looked like i might actually have someone to talk to. ... wrong, always wrong.
No matter...

This dance thing is rediculous, i dont know if it pisses me off to go alone or to watch everyone smile while they dance with someone else.

Ill be around if anyone decides they want to hang out
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